Located in the Central Area of Kinosaki Onsen

Strolling around Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Onsen in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, has a long history of over 1,400 years. It is a famous hot spring site with beautiful scenery of all four seasons, with willows and cherry trees lining the Otani-gawa River, which runs through the center of the hot spring town. Public bathhouse (soto-yu) touring in yukata and geta is one of the true charms of Kinosaki Onsen. Each of the seven public bathhouses has its own origin, history and guardian deity. It has long been believed that people who visit all seven bathhouses will gain seven kinds of good fortune. Shinonome-So is located in the central area of Kinosaki Onsen, just seven minute's walk from Kinosaki Onsen Station, making it convenient to visit the bathhouses and stroll along the willow-fringed Otani-gawa River.

Crabs - Specialty of the Inn

Crabs - Specialty of the InnShinonome-So serves foods in season, which you can enjoy only in Kinosaki. Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine such as the inn's specialty red snow crab (kasumi-gani) dishes and fresh seafood. More Details > Meals

Traditional Japanese-Style Rooms

Traditional Japanese-Style RoomsShinonome-So has Japanese-style rooms only. Relax in the traditional Japanese-style room and enjoy warm Japanese hospitality. We welcome our guests with all manner of services, such as seasonal flower arrangements in hallways and each room. Also we place a seasonal painting on a large folding screen upstairs. Please enjoy the beautiful Japanese painting. More Details > Guest Rooms

Uchi-yu (Bath inside the Inn) and Soto-yu (External Public Bathhouses)

Uchi-yu (Bath inside the Inn)One of Shinonome-So's proud features is the Iwa-buro, a bath made using large rocks. Unwind in the bath, enjoying a different kind of bathing pleasure from that of external public bathhouses. A private family bath is also available in the annex. For public bathhouse touring, you have a variety of choices of women's yukatas. Strolling around in a very nice yukata of your choice will be one of the wonderful memories of your trip. More Details > Onsen Baths

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